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Thursday, April 04, 2013

Pensive Patriot (or, Revolution is a Young Man’s Game)

Twenty five years ago
I was all for revolution.
My insular world
made numbers
seem larger (one always feels part of the majority in a group of like minds)

Life goes on,
realization that nobody
actually cares (except for themselves and commodities)
a thread of apathy
running through our
fabric of indifference…..or some such thing…..

They (it’s always THEM!)
are counting on
perfunctory populist thought….or lack thereof….

It was THEM!
slowly stealing our country
as we turned a blind eye
to mediocris endeavors.

D.C. looks like WCW (or Adult Swim)
puffing, posturing,
saying nothing,
and doing less…..or nothing more than required…..


Our myopic eyes
feed on pseudo-reality
and bastardized journalism,
genetically modified organisms
eating what little
grey mush remaining
in the flickering glow of


I am for revolution,
but a one man revolution
is considered
nothing more
than terrorism
by THEM,
at best,
a sure quick death,
(or folding Whitey Bulger’s laundry
after a romantic walk in the yard…)

And I’m not sure
I care that much

revolution is a young man’s game….

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