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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

John O'Keefe, at ginkword has some pretty good comments and thoughts about the 'emerging church'. I must warn you that it has some possibly offensive language. My personal opinion is that we tend to look out side for answers, when all we need to do is look inward, toward Jesus. I challenge you to come up with your own opinion.

Randy has a pretty interesting post that mentions my favorite Christian icon, Pat Robertson. Pat has made some comments that have offended some. Not all of Pat's comments offend me. It is when he back peddles on his position that does. It reminds me that he is a politician at heart.As I usually do after Pat eats his penny loafers, I checked his web site for retractions. It looks as if Pat is going to stick to his guns for now. You go Pat...

I am going to the prayer room an hour late today. The ice on my truck is making it look like a glazed doughnut.

Have I ever mentioned how crazy the weather is here in Kansas City? Yesterday it was fridgid and snowing/ freezing rain. Today it will be 50 to 55 degrees. How do you plan for that?

I'm going to thaw my truck.


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