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Monday, May 15, 2006

Josiah went to the Thill's house a few days ago. When he came back he had this really cool sword made from old pallets. This thing has splinters and tetnus written all over it. I am going to make a dumpster deposit as I leave in the morning. He and his friends get an A for creativity, and a C+ in health.

There was a picture here of a blue betta. I had to remove it because apparently there was a copyright infringement of some sort. Sorry to those who have the copyright. It really is a nice picture though.
Fish Update:Myah and I went to Petco to get a fish. I must have had dolt written accross my forehead because no sooner had I asked the sales associate to get a fish I was bombarded with questions like, "what kind of tank do you have?", "Sir, what kind of commitment are you willing to make?". I told the guy about our Oscar fiasco the day before and, after laughing, he showed me to the Beta fish. I remebered that Chastity had a Beta while we were dating that she had neglected. I had no idea there was a fish in the bowl because the water had not been changed in 100 years or so. Sewage treatment plants have better water clarity than that bowl did. So, a Beta it is. This thing should live for a few decades. Not even the Scott family can kill this thing.

Some Beta facts:
They are sometimes refered to as Japanese Fighting Fish. I am guessing this is the Japanese equivalent of a cock fight. The males look like some kind of Bantum rooster. Don't ask how I know what a Bantum rooster looks like.

Betas don't like to look at themselves in the mirror. This makes it economical to train them for the big fight, not that I am going to hit the circuit or anything like that.

I found out that you can buy special Beta tanks that have dividers. There is a special tinted insert to keep the fiesty little filet o' fishys from going at it.When you pull out the tinted divider it's Beta time.

All we have is a fish bowl, and I don't think that Myah has any aspirations toward fish fighting glory. I don't have the energy to become the Don King of the aquatic world. I'll be good to feed it.

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