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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Legislated Morality

With the recent passing of Jerry Falwell, I find myself thinking about the state of our country and how far we have fallen into sin. I agree with the Moral Majority (and the Moral Majority Coalition) in saying that America has turned from God. However, that is where we part ways. More and more I find myself seeing the futility of trying to legislate morality. We cannot tell people how to live. When we do we come of as arrogant wind bags who come off as caring less, and showing a tainted picture of Christ to those perishing.

I do believe that we can voice our opinion. Although we also need to seek God, and not political leaders. Only God can change the hearts of those in leadership, and ultimately, everybody else. The answer is fasting and prayer. Our lobby is with God.

In the next week we will be starting a 40 day fast which will culminate in a massive gathering of intercessors in Nashville. The Call. It is my prayer that millions of Christians will stop trying to get the attention of politicians, and petition the Lord.

This is a call to action!

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