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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Royal Order of the Lamb's Ear (or, What Kids Do Without TV)

Some time ago we made a decision to have only one TV. We also decided to never again buy cable or satellite service. Since we decided to make such a drastic lifestyle change (how does TV become a lifestyle?) we figured that we should go all the way and have the smallest TV we could all watch without getting headaches. We opted for a 13 inch TV/ VCR combo that my dad bought the kids when he lived with us. Dad loved TV and really thought that everyone should as well.

Now, when you make such decisions you must also limit the use of it. That part is easy to do around these here parts. You should consider yourself blessed(?) if you can get a good signal from one of five stations (2 of which are PBS. hee hee). It becomes a case of why bother, when sitting down to watch a show. You will find yourself getting up a few times to adjust the antenna. This aggravates kids as well, so they will invariably end up doing one of 2 things.

1. Beat the tar out of each other.
2. make stuff with common building materials and your neighbor's plants.

After Mom sends them outside for #1, they are left to their own devices, and Dad's shed of stuff.

For the last week I have come home to various forms of unique weapons of no destruction sitting on my back patio. One particularly ingenious item is the shield that Noah has been sporting for the last couple of days. It is made from cardboard, packing tape, duct tape and our neighbor's lamb's ear plant.

When I asked Noah about the plant on his shield he told me that it was for his new club. "What club is that?" I ask.

"The Royal Order of the Lamb's Ear."

Should have known.

2 Valiant Warriors

Hunting Dragons (no doubt)

Lamb's Ear Plunder

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