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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Common Sense Drinks Alone

Common Sense
downs another shot
at the end of the bar.
He has been at it
for an hour or so,
and things out there
are starting to get fuzzy.

Now reality
comes in bits and waves,
an optical illusion,
made palatable
by carefully spun lies.

Corporate paltering
selling plasticine promises
of old age sex
and face paralyzing
beauty cream.

Another shot down,
the future looks
eyeballs hardening,
funhouse mirror reflects
aberations of the past.

Grabbing the bottle,
four fingers down,
and everything dims,
intentional vivisepulture,
fresh food for the worms.

Common Sense
found puking
behind the dumpster
in the alley,
while the Tea Party looks
for its Mad Hatter,
sitting on their hands
for the revolution to come.

Wiping his mouth,
bellicose bantering
from would be jingoists
fill his ears with
Pavlovian responses
to real world issues
manufactured by the
Fair and Balanced.

and tasting stale vomit,
Common Sense goes home.

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