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About Charles Scott

Charles Scott is a cranky ass husband, father, writer, poet, plumber and observer of the absurdity called life.

As long as he can remember, Charles has been writing. His earliest works were stories designed to get him out of trouble. He would write out his side of the story (which was anything but the truth) on note paper and then read it over until memorized. He would do all this before any diabolical scheme took place.

 Always have a good contingency plan.

This start led to writing stories and eventually poems. Over the years Charles had amassed quite a collection of notebooks, note pads and bar napkins full of all sorts of writing.

In the mid 90's Charles, during a fit of religious fervor, made the decision to let go of the old and start anew. One night Charles took all of his writing and threw them in a dumpster.This was not one of his better ideas.

Eighteen years later, after many fast  starts and stops, Charles started to dedicate time to actually write again. In that time away Charles realized that if he doesn't write he is almost unbearable to live with. Hell, come to think of it, Charles is writing again and still unbearable to live with. But he is a willing participant in the submission/rejection game.

This is a glimpse into what he has been writing lately. You may notice that some of theses stories and poems are in a state of flux. Charles likes to get stuff out there before editing. As a result he usually revises each post many times for all the internet to see.

He welcomes any comments, gripes and suggestions.

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