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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

There is some uproar from the Rollling Stones camp over censorship of a few lyrics during the Super Bowl 1/2 time show. Mick and company are lucky that I wasn't part of that decency brigade. I would have saved us all the visual beating of seeing an AARP group flail around a stage like they were in their 20's. I had to fight tossing my bean dip after seeing Micks geriatric mid rif more than once. Low ride pants are a bad choice for anyone in their 60's. Hike them up like the old un's of the past. My advice for Mick, give it up, forget about it (shouldn't be hard to do ) it's in the past, move on to better, more dignified things like being a knight. Go slay a dragon or something.. I mean, really, save us the abuse.

File this one under "Only in Arkansas".
Click the link, read the story of how a woman saved a chicken by administering mouth to beak.


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